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Unfuck Yourself - Гари Джон Бишъп

ISBN: 9789547832909
АВТОР: Гари Джон Бишъп

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Писнало ви е да се чувствате прецакани? Ако е така, Гари Джон Бишъп ви предлага отговор. В своя простичък наръчник той дава инструменти и съвети как да се освободите от бремето на вътрешните колебания и да разгърнете своя истински потенциал. „Събудете се и осъзнайте, че вие сте истинско чудо”, казва той.„Ето какво сте забравили: вие сте страхотно човешко същество.”Пречат ви не другите хора, не дори и обстоятелствата, които възпрепятстват способността ви да преуспявате, пречи ви негативният вътрешен монолог, който непрестанно звучи в главата ви.В Unfu*k Yourself Бишъп ви превежда през поредица от седем убеждения:Готов съм.Програмиран съм за победа.Мога да се справя.Приемам несигурността.Аз не съм това, което мисля; аз съм това, което правя.Аз съм непоколебим.Не очаквам нищо и приемам всичко.Вие заслужавате да водите мечтания от вас живот – вземете се в ръце!Unfu*k Yourself ще ви покаже как да преодолявате разводи, загуби, провали, здравословни проблеми и неблагополучия в работата, ще ви върне способността да се борите с живота и ще ви научи да се справяте с проблемите си, като поемате отговорност.”Reader’s Digest“Ако харесвате книги за самопомощ, които предлагат конкретни съвети, потърсете Unfu*k Yourself на Гари Джон Бишъп, чиято цел е да помогне на читателите, които се чувстват прецакани, да се справят с предизвикателствата по пътя им. В нея ще намерите инструменти и съвети, за да се преборите с негативния вътрешен монолог и да разгърнете потенциала си.”Bustle“Запознайте се с Гари Джон Бишъп, родом от Глазгоу, най-новото явление в областта на самопомощта.”Sunday Herald

...k in which author told the readers how to deal with divorce, loss, failure, health, work place woes and other issues in life ... Unfu*k Yourself Quotes by Gary John Bishop ... . Unfuck Yourself Author Gary John Bishop. Gary John Bishop began his life journey in Glasgow, Scotland. Gary's many years of experience as a Senior Program Director for one of the world's leading personal development organizations is proof of his professionalism, dedication and commitment to what is possible for all human beings. Bestselling author, speaker, and world-traveling success coach Jen Sincero cuts through the din of the self-help genre wit ... My Top 10 Takeaways From "Unfuck Yourself " by Gary John ... ... . Bestselling author, speaker, and world-traveling success coach Jen Sincero cuts through the din of the self-help genre with her own verbal meat cleaver in You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.In this refreshingly blunt how-to guide, Sincero serves up 27 bite-sized chapters full of hilariously inspiring stories, life-changing insights, easy ... Give yourself fully to your vast capacity for victory. Set the the challenge of winning in new and exciting ways. Demand your greatness of yourself and repeat after me: I am wired to win." ― Gary John Bishop, Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life. 6 likes. Like Ask yourself the tough questions and answer them honestly. Because this is the only way you can start to unfuck yourself. Break down your goals into smaller, achievable milestones and address your limiting beliefs. Now embrace the fact you have more chance of winning than losing. Unfuck Yourself Step #3: "I Got This" Gary John Bishop, author of Unfu*ck Yourself joins me to talk about how to redefine yourself by becoming unrealistic, how to uncover the narratives we tell ourselves, the difference between ... Książka Unf*ck yourself. Napraw się! autorstwa Bishop Gary John , dostępna w Sklepie EMPIK.COM w cenie 24,25 zł . Przeczytaj recenzję Unf*ck yourself. Napraw się!. Zamów dostawę do dowolnego salonu i zapłać przy odbiorze! Unfuck Yourself by Gary John Bishop Quotes. ''How we talk, think about, and therefore perceive our surroundings is the very foundation for our reality. 2 thoughts on "6 REGRET MINIMIZATION STEPS TO UNFUCK YOURSELF" Gloria Lewis says: at My name is Gloria Lewis and I am 57 this year, I Thank You for your Wisdom. I will be following your advise. I don't have a website yet but I will be looking for a site to Create for myself. Reply. Create Quantum Wealth says: You could, quite literally, Unfuck your way through an entire day and change the direction of your week, month, year, hell maybe even your entire life. Start with something small, right now take an action that would be the kind of action, no matter how pointless it may seem, that is a complete interruption to the mudslide of your current life. Unfuck Yourself_pt BT 04042019.indd 15 04.04.2019 17:40:44 Vestea proastă e că şi reversul se aplică: auto‑dis‑ cursul negativ nu doar că ne prost‑dispune, dar ne face să ne simţim ... Unfuck Yourself And Have A Great Day Every Day ! Gratitude And Positive Thinking Journal For Tired-Ass People: 5 Minutes A Day To Practice Positive Thinking And Gratefulnes - Positivity Journal. by Happy As Fuck Publishing | 19 Jan 2020. Paperback "Unfu*k Yourself," despite its attention-grabbing title, is not a foul-mouthed diatribe. It's a no-nonsense examination of the typical way of thinking that traps so many of us in comfortable lives. You need not be unhappy with your life or depressed to get something out of this book. 5.0 out of 5 stars Unfuck yourself by: Gary John Bishop. Reviewed in Canada on September 12, 2018. Verified Purchase. Arrived quickly in perfect condition. Easy to. read and very humorous. Not for those who take offence how-ever if you're looking for a unique take on a self-help book this is your book. Feb ...