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...1820s. The bells, chandeliers, and liturgy books of the monastery were gifts from Russian soldiers after the Russo-Turkish War ... Monasteries in Bulgaria : Our Top 10 To Explore - Madame ... ... . Bulgarian: Preobrazhenski Manastir www.bulgarian-monasteries.com In the second half of the 4th century the monks' life got organized and it was at that time that the first cloisters appeared. The oldest of them were cut in the rocks: like the Aladja monastery, the Albutinski monastery near Vidin, the Razboishte monastery near Godech, the Ivanovo monasteries under the protection ... Bachkovski Monastery is the second largest Bulgarian monastery and one of the three Bulgarian Stavropegial monasteries (th ... 25 of the Most Beautiful Monasteries in Bulgaria & How to ... ... ... Bachkovski Monastery is the second largest Bulgarian monastery and one of the three Bulgarian Stavropegial monasteries (the other two are Rilski Monastery and Troyan Monastery) which draws thousands of visitors, Bulgarian and foreign tourists alike. The most treasured item of the monastery, which is also held in the monastery's temple, is the ... The monasteries in Bulgaria Rila Monastery St. Ivan of Rila In the last few years, Bulgarian monasteries, which are closely connected to the historical fate of the Bulgarian state and nation, have witnessed increasing tourist interest. There are nearly 120 monasteries on the territory of Bulgaria nestled in the most private parts of the mountains, surrounded with virgin nature. The story of each monastery is quite intriguing and full of heroic moments - Rila monastery, Bachkovo monastery, Troyan monastery, Batoshevo monastery, Aladzha monastery, Dryanovo monastery, Kapinovo monastery, Glozhen monastery. Monasteries. The Bulgarian monasteries - hiding human, warm and living rather than "divine" beauty behind their austere stone facades, still amaze with their magnificent architecture, unfading frescoes and murals, exquisite icons and wood-carvings, made by self-taught architects, builders and painters. messages.site.description. човек за Зелениковски манастир: Днес е Еньовден по старо/07.07/и се качих до скита да запаля свещица,има пътека по която се стига за 20-30 минути ама трябва да ви упъти някой местен,тя е малко преди дърварския ... Bulgarian Monasteries TOURS The most famed Bulgarian Monasteries - jealous guards of Bulgaria's national culture, are the highlight of our guided cultural tours. Nestled in the most beautiful parts of the mountains, between virgin scenery, each monastery has its own unique and impressive story. Itinerary - Bulgarian Monasteries Tour Day 1: Sofia-Rila monastery-Rojen monastery-Melnik The Rila monastery is the biggest monastery in Bulgaria and it was found in the 10th century by one of the most honored saints in the country-Ivan Rilski. The Saint George the Zograf Monastery or Zograf Monastery (Bulgarian: Зографски манастир; Greek: Μονή Ζωγράφου, Moní Zográphou) is one of the twenty Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Mount Athos ...