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...imes for its mineral wealth, superb wines and produce, and natural beauty ... Daily Cyprus ... . Today it is a popular tourist destination. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Learn more about the country, including its history. The Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver announces that as of 30/10/2019, the current website is terminated and visitors can address to the following new websites: Over the last 30 days, hotels in Cyprus have been available starting from $32, though prices have typically been closer to $63. Price estimates were calculated on June 24, 2020. See the latest prices ... Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver ... ... . Price estimates were calculated on June 24, 2020. See the latest prices. The legendary birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus has been coveted and fought over by a succession of admirers: Mycenaeans, Egyptians, Assyrians and Persians, to name a few. The former British colony was most recently fought over by the Turks and the Greeks. A result of this turbulent past ... The official Cyprus Government Web Portal provides information about the Government Procedures and Transactions with Citizens/Businesses as well as direct access to all Ministries, Departments and Services. Latest travel advice for Cyprus, including how to stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and information on returning to the UK. The Cyprus Mail is the only English-language daily newspaper published in Cyprus. It was established in 1945 and today, with its popular and widely-read website, the Cyprus Mail is among the most ... Explore Cyprus holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Strike out beyond the sun-soaked stretches of sand to discover an island of compelling culture and landscapes, steeped in myth and riddled with ancient riches. Lockdowns are easing globally as the planet adjusts to a new normal. ... The Cyprus National Theatre, which contains two performance spaces: the 550-seat Lyric Theater with a bold exterior but an intimate theatrical environment. Its design minimizes the distance from actor to audience; the 150-seat New Theater, which is an open-ended workshop space, with simple galleries around the room. Bank of Cyprus is the largest banking and financial services group in Cyprus, with significant market shares across all business segments. Bank of Cyprus is at an advanced stage of its transformation, becoming a stronger, Cyprus and UK focussed, outco...